Mac Bundles or Package files

Because our online backup platform is based on a Linux platoform and not on the Mac file system, the Mac OS attributes on files are not maintained unless the files are archived in a ZIP file prior to the upload.

Here is how will affect you as a Mac user:

1) Your Mac "packages" or bundles will be backed up as the folders and individual files inside the bundle. That will give you the ability to restore individual files and folders to the bundle without having to restore the entire thing.

2) File permissions or other Mac specific meta data (labels, etc) will not be maintained in a restore.

3) If you wanted to first create a ZIP of the bundle, then all the attributes would be maintained. This is recommended for Quicken and Quickbooks Mac files.  IPhoto also uses packages or bundles however most people prefer to have access to the individual files for a restore.  On a Mac you can option-click on a package file to open the contents and remove or restore the files inside.



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