Network Drive or NAS backup

Windows network drive setup:

1) Make sure the network drive is mapped as a drive letter.

2) Open the SafeCopy software and click on Configuration.  Then from the Folder tab select Custom and check the box to enable network drive backup.  Then simply select the checkbox to backup the network drive or select the specific folders inside the network for backup.

Mac network drive setup: 

1) Connect to the remote drive so that it is a volume on the desktop.  (Go menu in the Finder or Command-K)

2) Open the SafeCopy control panel and from the Settings tab select Add Folder and pick the entire volume or a sub-folder inside the network drive.

One the configuration above is complete, SafeCopy will begin crawling the new backup selection and adding those files to your backup queue.

Ongoing Network Drive Backup

The ongoing backup of the remote drive is on a different schedule than files saved on a locally connected hard drive.  The SafeCopy crawling service is notified of any changes to files which are connected to the local operating system. However since the network drive is not directly connected to the local operating system,  the crawling service will scan the remote folders marked for backup every three days for new or changed files that may have been updated without knowledge of the local operating system. This would pick up any files changed on a NAS or even local files changed when SafeCopy was disabled by the user.  Because the continual crawling of the remote files would take more system resources (CPU, memory) it is only set to run every three days.

What you can expect is that every few days your new or edited files on the remote drive or NAS will be found and added to the backup queue.

We do have a scheduling option in the Windows software under Configuration / Advanced which will allow you to set a schedule for backup. Currently the schedule only applies to the uploading portion of SafeCopy and not the crawling service. In the future we plan to implement a trigger to engage the crawler as well the upload service for scheduled backups.


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    Digging up the ancient past with this thread!

    Has the scheduling option for the crawling service been made available as yet?  



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    Kevin Woods

    Good question.  You can schedule the uploading in the Settings / Advanced area of the software, but you can not schedule the crawling yet.  You can kick it off anytime using the Reset Backup option in the menu however.

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