Adding a Computer

You are welcome to add as many computers as you like to a single account.  Keep in mind all the computers sharing an account will have access to the files in the backup.  When you add more computers they will show up under the Browse tab of the web console by their computer name.

Here are the steps:

1) Install the software from

2) Immediately after the installation you will be prompted with a setup wizard.  Use the option for Existing Account and enter your email and SafeCopy password.  

3) Click apply and your backup is underway.  If you want to adjust the folders selected for backup you can do this in the configuration area.


Forgot your password?

You can reset your password from the Forgot Password link on the  web console login page.  Keep in mind if you change your password, you will need to re-enter the new password in the SafeCopy account are for all the computers running SafeCopy.


Mac Screenshot



Windows Screenshot



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    I just got a new computer, and I don't want to go through the incredibly long wait (over a month of having the computer on 24/7!) to do the initial backup.  On my old computer I had one folder with all my data, and I copied this folder to my new computer and I want to continue backing up this folder.  Is there a way to do this?

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    Kevin Woods

    Good question.  If you move over the data from an old computer that was on SafeCopy, to a new computer, it will be a very fast process to upload.  The files will be recognized as exiting and will "TurboUpload."  Then when done, you can leave the old computer in SafeCopy, or you can delete it via the web console.

    Give it a try and let know if you have any questions.

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    It worked!  Everything is being TurboUploaded!  Thanks!

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    Michael M

    I assume this file matching "turboupload" applies if multiple computers try to backup the same external files?

    I have most of my data stored on a network attached usb drive - all of our computers are laptops that are not always here or online, and we want to access everything from every computer when it's here.  There's no dedicated "server" or pc that's always available to manage that drive or this backup to backup from consistently.  There will be different laptops attached (and backing up) at different times, or often at the same time, but all mapped to the same data drive.

    So - I'm part way through an initial backup, which is taking many days because it's interrupted when this laptop sometimes goes into my car during the day.  I want to add a second computer, also accessing the same external source, but want to be sure that it won't duplicate the entire external drive, since it's being backed up from a different device. 

     Please confirm that your file matching technology won't create multiple copies of the same network attached drive, if we're backing up multiple computers that reference it.


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    Kevin Woods

    That is correct, the de-duplication will not create multiple copies.  It will however make it appear as if there are multiple copies in your account but there will be s single copy of the file with pointers as if it is in two locations.  For example if you have some songs on two computers, it will appear on both, but only need to upload and store a single copy.

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    I have the same scenario - 1 external device (always Y:) and multiple computers. I see in Configuration -> Advanced you can set the computer name. What if I set every computer to have the same name? If that works - it seems it would always backup to a single destination folder and allow it to do correct versioning, etc.?

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