Security and Encryption

Files are transferred from your computer in an SSL encrypted connection and are stored with 448-bit Blowfish encryption.

Our storage system is maintained in three separate areas:

  • File Content, which is always encrypted before leaving your computer.
  • File Structure, which contains the folder and file names.
  • File Ownership, relating a file to a specific user account.

The three areas above are kept separate which keeps your data more private than encrypted files on a local hard drive.

The index, containing the folder and file names, is not encrypted so that it can be indexed and searchable in the database. The content however is 448-bit encrypted and stored in a physically separate system with the capacity to be geographically distributed on multiple continents (working on that now). Then your user credentials with correct password authenticate via a token that confirms your password is correct without actually saving the password as readable in our system. That user authentication is what gives you access to the files during your web browsing session and also in the software to upload new files.





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