Restoring Prior File Versions

SafeCopy keeps an unlimited number of prior versions of a file allowing you to restore to any previously saved version. Because of this we often get asked if saving multiple versions of a file in SafeCopy consumes too much storage.  It's a great question and the answer is usually it does not consume much extra storage space.

Typically when a file is changed, SafeCopy will only need to upload the changed portion of the file and our system keeps track of the versions between the saves. When most applications save to a file, they simply add more data to the end of the file. In this most common scenario, it would not take up much extra storage in your account. However if the file is completely rewritten as a new file, then it would appear not as a new version but as a new file and consume duplicate space in your account.

Example from list view when doing a Search:


Example when using the thumbnail view on the Browse tab:



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