Restoring Files

With SafeCopy, recovering your data is simple and there are two ways to download your files. One way would be to login to your account and use either the Search or Browse tabs to find your files. Additionally, you can access your files as a web folder which is much like a remote hard drive. Technically this is called a WebDAV connection. Once the connection is open, you can drag your files to your computer and wait until the transfer is complete.

> For Windows:

From a computer with SafeCopy installed, open My Computer and click on the icon which says My SafeCopy. That will open the connection for you.

> For Mac:

Click the Browse button and it will open the connection for you. Or if the software is not installed, from the Finder you can select Go/Connect to Server (as a shortcut, press COMMAND key and the K key). Then enter


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    Very very minor, but when Browsing my files via the internet (not WebDAV), the folder names get truncated and the folder icons are enormous.

    Attaching image files, just to express my point.

    ie) If I have a folder called "2012-04-22 StrawberryPickingCrabTreeLake", it gets truncated to "2012-04-22 Stra [..] ingCrabTreeLake".

    My only suggestion is to display just like windows does (sortable by name/date, each directory icon).


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    Kevin Woods

    Great suggestion.  We are working toward a new file browser and recovery tool so sync back to your computer if needed.  We will keep the list view in mind or ability to switch views.

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    Hi, I'm a newbie and testing out Safecopy before I purchase more gigs.

    I'm trying to restore fles using the Go/Connect method. I can't connect though, it keeps saying "check the server name of IP address..."  I'm pretty sure I wrote the server name correctly (about 10 tries) and my username (email) and password... what am I doing wrong?

    I dont like the Browse method as I dont like to download bits and pieces.... 


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