Restoring with WebDav

You can restore files using our web interface which will download your files as a ZIP file.  You can also use the built-in WebDav connection in Windows Explorer to access your files as a remote network drive.  However in some cases when doing a bulk restore, a WebDav client may offer some advantages.  Since WebDav is an open standard you may be able to use your favorite FTP client to setup a connection to your SafeCopy account.   We can recommend BitKinex for Windows and Transmit for the Mac if you don't have one already.  Below is a screenshot of how you configure the settings:



Then you can connect to your account which has WebDav permissions to download and delete.  Any new files must be added to your account through the SafeCopy software client.


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    I couldn't get FileZilla to work, but I got BitKinex to work just fine.  Just remember, in BitKinex, make sure you create a Site under "Http/WebDav", not FTP! (I think by default it creates a Site under FTP... you have to explicitly create one under Http:/WebDav).  Download speeds seem to be pretty good from safecopybackup.

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    hello, i'm trying bitkinex and thank for your information

    during transfert files from safecopy to my pc the connection stop and receive

    FIN received

    connection closed

    do you knowwhat it mean??


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