Renewals and Upgrades

Using our Free 3GB account?

You can upgrade anytime using the Buy button on our website.  The purchase will be applied to your existing free account giving you more storage space.

Using our 200GB Plan?

If you are using the 200GB plan and need more space, you can purchase another year of backup at our 300GB plan.  This will both give you another year of service and upgrade your remaining year to 300GB.

Using our 300GB or higher plan?

If you are already using our 300GB plan and need more space, you can upgrade in 100GB increments for $70 per year from our upgrade page.   Our current maximum account size is 500GB.

You will notice the cost per GB is higher on the upgrade than the initial purchase. This is because our upgrade customers are much more active than our average customers; so our upgrade pricing will be higher, but still a great value.


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    What if I need more space since six months erlier than actual account is ended (1 year contract)? I'd loosing the remaining 6 months for that account. Is that correct?

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    Kevin Woods

    We review all upgrade purchases and can apply the storage or renewal in a way that is fair to the remaining subscription.  For example, sometimes people purchase a 100GB upgrade when they could have purchased a new year of 300GB plan  for a better value.  Feel free to send an email to if you have any questions.

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